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General guild events

Lost Precipice claimed!

Lost Precipce Busy times in Guild Wars 2. All our members are doing their thing, some focus on Halloween for now, some are exploring the new maps and others are checking out one of the many new thing HoT has to offer.

On 24-10-2015, the day after release of HoT most of our members however joined for the claim of our Guild Hall “Lost Precipce” (close to 100 members of our guild joined for the claim). The first attempt failed, but once we understand the mechanics, the second claim was successful.

We started upgrading immediately and now have our mine tier 1 completed, have the basic tavern and workshop. The workshop allows the scribers of out guild to start leveling their craft.

On 25-10-2015, the 3th day of HoT we set up a second group on an alternative guild to go claim Gilded Hollow. We did this for multiple reasons. We wanted to give out members the full experience of the game and so also to experience both claims. In addition it gave members who were not able to join on Saturday a second possibility to join. Lastly it allows our members to walk around in the Gilded Hollow to really make up their mind what guild-hall they like best.

We will not do anything with that alternative guild or with that guild-hall. All members can get in invite to the guild so they can walk around in that guild-hall but that is it.

Initially we had a poll about what guild-hall to select, but with only around 18 votes and an outcome that was very close, we decided to select the hall at random. We still have the ability to switch halls without losing upgrades. The ability to see both halls should result in the best final decision, while a possible switch will not happen any time soon.

The Guild Hall really is something we work on as a community. It’s not like the old system where the officers could basically do everything on their own with the influence that rolled in by guild-members doing completely guild-unrelated things.

Upgrading the Guild Hall required mats, loads of mats. It also requires favor that only comes from doing guild-missions (with multiple guild-members). There are also unlocks, like statues available that require a guild to do some big event, like killing a world-boss. The guild-hall really is a community thing and that is a good thing. It gives us something to do as a guild, set goals and creates a better community.

Because we want to give all members the ability to be part of this upgrade we will also record most of the upgrades and put them on our YouTube-channel so even if you won’t be able to join for the upgrade, you are to watch it back. We will also have a Guild Hall tour this Saturday to explain everything to our members.

Sign up for our newsletter!

Newsletter During the last guild-meeting the idea has come up to have a guild news letter. It is now so far that our members are able to sign up. On the website is a link to subscribe. There will also be a link on Facebook and in the message of the day in-game!

We want to distribute the first new-letter before the release of Hearth of Thorns, which is less then two weeks away, so make sure you all sign up as soon as possible.

The content of the news-letter will be an evolving process based on the input we get from our members, but you can also expect news about the game itself, about upcoming guild-events and so on.

We hope you will enjoy reading the news-letter!

The Mordrem and raids are coming

Starting September 10 through September 13 Tyria will be attacked by Mordrem incursions. Luckily they were so nice to send us a notice of this forehand so we can prepare for the fight.

We do not know yet exactly how the invasion will work, but Anet has stated that taking on the invasion is best done by guilds. So leading up to the invasion we want to ask all our members to help recruiting guild-less players, so they can have a fun time with us making low fat salads of the invasion.

In other news, raids are coming to WvW and they will be rewarding legendary armor! The plan is to organize raids as guild-events to add to the traditional guild-events we already do. Raids however do require 10 people, that means the guild will be split up in multiple groups. To still keep the complete guild involved an idea is to have all groups streaming their progress to see and share ideas and solutions to overcome problems.

In order to prepare for the raids we plan on doing weekly dungeons starting next week. More information about this will be announced in-game.

Lastly we would like to make you aware of some of the guild-site changes. The size of the guild-page does now get selected based on the resolution of your monitor, in addition you can also manually change it by clicking the “SIZETOGGLE” button. Also the WvW-page has been updated and now shows live statistics from the battlefield.

There are more updates planned for the site, but for that we are waiting on the new API that Anet is currently working on. Guild Wars 2 raids

Guild Halls!


Finally we are getting news about guild-halls. Based on how guild-halls will be implemented we will decide about the future road-map and strategy for our guild. We do hope guild-halls will bring many activities and goals where we as guild can work towards.

For more information please see official news site of Guild Wars 2.

Landmark beta key give-away

For our members we have some beta keys for landmark that give you access to the closed beta.

Buying yourself into beta will cost you about 20 Euro.

If you are interested at a chance to win one of the keys send Evanny or Oxherd ingame a mail.

In the future we might also organize a few guild-events using Landmark.

One is One of the Edge of the Mists test guilds

ArenaNet has just contacted me to let me know One has been selected as one of the guilds that is selected to test Edge of the Mists. Not all members can join the test and those that do will need to be 100% representing because it is guild based.

I need to submit a list of members this weekend so more information will come soon. I still need to find the best way to select the members and collect there required information.

Dungeon challenge season and some guild-missions improvements

With the site now sorted out we worked on some of the other comments that we did get with the last guild-meeting. That being that the guild-missions where a little messy and so a lot of people ending up not getting the reward and a lag of dungeon-runs / dungeons activity in our guild.

Last weekend we did do the guild-missions more structured however I do not like standing at the end line or entrance of a dungeon kicking everybody that passes, just because they wanted to do the mission, like we did last weekend, that sort of mentality does not really fit our guild. However it did work. We all stayed together as a group and only in the puzzle a few people did not get the reward because of a bug.

Because of that we did come up with a new idea, we will see how it works out but it is very important that you listen to the officers / leaders and understand what you need to do thats why I explain a some important things here now.

When the first mission after the dungeon comes on do not just go there, wait till an officers link you a waypoint. If they say it's a double mission that means you will end up at a missions where another guild is already doing it think and you can join in. However there is coming a second mission for our guild right after is. As soon as one officer /leader has linked the waypoint and told you it's a double missions another officer will start telling you how much time you have before you need to be ready to teleport. When the timer hits 0 you get a waypoint and go there. You have no time then to finish things off because our real mission will then start. If they don't talk about a double mission it means you will go directly to our own mission.

If people start trolling at the officer that is giving the countdown that will still be reason for a temporary or permanent kick but there is really no reason for that anymore.

Then dungeon-runs. You wanted them, you get them. We start organizing dungeon challenges. A challenge means multiple groups are starting the same dungeon at the same time and one of there party members must be streaming there run and show it on our multi channel page. With the stream up guild-members can watch on but groups can also see where each other group is. Who ever gets done with the dungeon first wins.

There is however next to an group challenge also a personal challenge. We will do multiple of those dungeon-challenge and 3 of them will count and one season. That means multiple season can be done in one day if people like that. However within every season every group needs to be different, that means that every group should have at lease two different members compared to the other groups. It is however possible that one season (so 3 dungeon challenges) consist of one dungeon challenge with 2 groups another with 3 groups and another with 5 groups. Also should ever season have 3 different dungeon paths.

If you manage to be first with all your 3 parties (if you indeed do 3) that means you have 3 points and are the winner (possible shared with another person) of that season. Scores of that can be put up on the forum.

We will not keeping up scores because else new members will never be able to catch up but for yourself you can see how many times you where winner.

We hope this challenge makes it more interesting for many guild-members to start doing dungeon and it should also help them get more skilled in them.

Yes skipping is allowed. The only rule is you start with your group together and the group who finished first will win.

Sign up on the event system to join for this dungeon-challenges. The path will be picked at the last moment by officers because we might want to also make use of Halloween dungeons. In addition we will need to find out what days will be the best. Maybe we can organize this on a daily base maybe not. That sort of stuff we will find out eventually.

Halloween 2013 and much more


The best festival from GW2 is finally returning. As guild we are going to try and organize some events related to the Halloween patch. We need to wait until the patch to see what we can do as a guild. Last year most activities could not be done with friends, so hopefully they make that possible this year.

For the jumping puzzles fans, the Mad king's clock-tower is coming back. Angelo is going to record one of his " Jumping Puzzles Til I Rage" videos. That will also be something to look forward to.

Last Sunday we had a guild-meeting and we got some feedback about multiple issues. We want to thank you all for the feedback. There where some complains that not all pages on the site worked and that the forum-page multiple links not worked.

That has now all been fixed, in addition to that we added a videos-page. There you can see videos we created with the guild. Hopefully this will also persuade more guild-members to make videos for the guild and upload them to our youtube-channel. Members are also able to add there uploaded videos to the list on the site.

The video on the right of all pages will show the last video put on the video-page. (with the exception of the video page and the forum page)

In addition to that there is now also a Livestream page that embeds the livestream and chat-channel for our new twitch channel. The idea is that we will also start doing more streaming and also organize some events around this.

If you think that was enough yet, there is more. The YouTube channel has finally a emblem, we now have a twitter account "TheOnlyOneGuild" where also members are allowed to put messages and we have a Facebook community page including an app that shows our events-system. That app however does not work for people using the secured settings in Facebook.

We hope that all these changes and updates and additions will please the members.

Lastly I wanted to let our guild-members know that ArenaNet is working on a guild vs guild system. The details are still vague but it's based on the Eternal Battleground jumping puzzle. As guild we already went there many times before they separate it from WvW and we had a lot of fun there. This can be a fun new thing to do with the guild and also allows to get some more PvP action in our guild.

Update: We now also have a special page to show multiple streams at once. Members are able to show there own channel when the guild-channel is already in use. It is also ideal for on your second screen when you using multiple screen. Have a look on the Livestream page. There is a link.

One welcomes EMP


This week the guild Empyrium [EMP] merged into our guild. We like to welcome the new members to our guild.

The Guild Ranks

This is a summery of the ranks we have in our guild, and how to be able to achieve them. We are introducing a system that is based on your activeness and experience in the guild. In addition we make room for players who do not wish to represent us fulltime. However, with our new system only the people who choose for our guild will be able to grow in it. Ranks will come with new responsibility's and new requirements to get promoted.

! Be aware there might be changes made in the current ranks of people. !

If you have any questions about this system feel free to whisper me or send me an ingame mail. Please also notice that changes can always be made to this system and will be announced when so.


Officers are players who help organize the guild and are there to take over when the leaders are not there. They have a lot of ability's to help monitor the guild and a greater responsibility. Activeness in the guild chat and Teamspeak usage is absolutely necessary and required for good communication with the leaders aswell as other members of the guild. Officers have high interest in the guild and its members and are willing to help out members with questions and tasks when able to. They can Invite and promote, demote and kick players when needed. Demoting and kicking will only be done in consultation with either a Leader or other Officer (except for the private rank).

This rank is only available when the leaders decide to assign.


  • Full access to the guild bank
  • Modify, queue and activate Guild Upgrades (banners, boosts etc.)
  • Modify, queue and activate Guild Missions
  • Claiming rights in World vs. World
  • Inviting, promoting, demoting and kick players in/from the guild
  • Change Message of the Day
  • Display guild emblem / Buy guild equipment


Captain is the highest achievable and a respected rank in the guild. They are active in Guild chat and on Teamspeak and participate in guild events like, dungeons self organized events and others, participation in Guild Missions is required. They have been in the guild for some time and are willing to help other members out when they're able to. From time to time they will organize own events from dungeon runs to, for example, a lottery or other event. They help monitoring the roster by inviting new players to the guild and promote ranks up to Sergeant when it is necessary. They keep an eye out and inform Officers and Leaders of situations when required.


  • Full access to the guild bank
  • Queue Guild Upgrades
  • Claiming rights in World vs. World
  • Inviting and promoting players in the guild up to Corporal
  • Change Message of the Day
  • Display guild emblem / Buy guild equipment

How do I become an Officer?
The Officer rank is only available when the leader decide to assign one.


Tasks: Lieutenants are socially active in the guild chat and on Teamspeak. They are members who are known in the guild and participate in events like, dungeon runs and group ups with other members. They recruit new members and promote them to Corporal when it's necessary. Lieutenants do not kick or demote players, this will be done by Officers or Leaders in consultation. Lieutenants participate in the Guild Missions and encourage others to also do so.


  • Access to the Treasure Trove and Deep Cave.
  • Queue Guild Upgrades
  • Claiming rights in World vs. World
  • Inviting and promoting players in the guild up to Corporal
  • Change Message of the Day
  • Display guild emblem / Buy guild equipment

How do I become a Captain?

  • By participating in guild events
  • By organizing guild events (Like dungeon runs, explorable events, a hide and seek game etc.)
  • Teamspeak usage required!
  • Active in the guild chat
  • Make yourself noticeable in a positive way, other members know who you are.
  • Inviting new members to the guild

The Captain rank is a rank deserved by being active in and for the guild, but also by being in the guild. Which means players who are longer in the guild will have a greater chance of receiving the Captain Rank.


Sergeants are members who represent us fulltime. The rank is given to members who are active in our guild and in the game, and have a chance to grow in our community. Sergeants are in the guild for a certain amount of time and they socialize and group up with others members for (guild) events. They have the ability to start claiming for our guild in World vs. World and are able to change the message of the day if they feel like it's needed. When they need to know something they can ask the higher ranks in the guild, and they can share their own experience with other members and help the new ones.


  • Claiming rights in World vs. World
  • Inviting players to the guild.
  • Change Message of the Day
  • Display guild emblem / Buy guild equipment

How do I become a Lieutenant?

  • By participating in guild events
  • By being on teamspeak from time to time helps you a lot!
  • Active in the guild chat
  • Inviting new members to the guild


Corporals is the first step towards growing in our guild. Here our members choose to grow further in our guild, or be in other guilds also. There is a certain amount of representing required, but not fulltime. Corporals can wear our guild emblem if they like and are able to invite new members to the guild.


  • Inviting players to the guild.
  • Display guild emblem / Buy guild equipment

How do I become a Sergeant?

  • By participating in guild events
  • Active in the guild chat
  • Inviting new members to the guild
  • Represent us fulltime

You can only become a Sergeant and higher if you represent the guild Fulltime. If you choose to do so let us know so we can start taking your promotion into consideration! Don't forget the Corporal rank itself also requires some representation although not fulltime yet.


Private is the starter rank of our guild. New members will get this rank. Privates explore our guild and its habits and systems. They will be assisted by the higher ranks and are able to consult them when having any questions. They will try to be active which will result in promotions. Higher ranks will keep an eye out on the representation, when there is no activity at all Privates can be kicked by Leaders or Officers, this will never happen without a mail or a in game message.


  • None yet, will become available at Corporal

How do I become a Corporal?
By simply representing us and try your best to be active. This can be in the guild chat, participating in dungeons and events etc. If there are going to be issues with representing (like also being in another guild) please contact an Officer or Leader so we can figure out the options.


Mercenaries are players who chose to be in our guild and in other guilds also. They have the ability to claim WvW forts, display and buy guild armor/weapons and invite new players. They have less responsibilities to our guild and are not actually 'expected' to join into (guild) events. Mercenaries can however join in any guild related event they wish.

However they are not able to grow in ranks unles they choose to fully represent the guild. If they do they will get the Sergeant Rank and will be promoted from there.

The fact that they are the lowest on the list of ranks does not mean they are the lowest rank! This is just to make it easier to sort people on ranks so we can immidiatly notice it if a higher or lower rank is representing or not (All the mercenaries who do not represent can be found at the bottom of the list) It's just easier to keep track of the roster this way.

Golden Oldies

The Golden Oldies rank is for those members who helped build up the guild from the beginning and have been inactive for a long time. We are waiting for them to return.

Super adventure box is gone, guild-puzzle is coming.


On April 30 the Super adventure box has been removed from the game. We have no information about when and if the other levels will be introduced. Might be April of 2014 but we don't know. Hope you all had fun and managed to get the title. You have still some time to exchange your baubles for some useful materials.

If we do not fail any guild-missions then May 12 we will have enough merits to start building / unlocking the guild-puzzle. That is the last guild-mission available and then we will have all upgrades unlocked again. After that our goal is to build all consumables, get the 250 of 250 merits and get 350.000 influence for possible future unlocks. We are not in a hurry so we can also start spending the influence some more again. Giving boost in the weekends and more of that stuff.

Recently we also created a YouTube channel and already uploaded some video's. We hope more members will start recording and creating video's for and about the guild we can upload. On the guild-site the achievements-button will be replaced for a video's-button where a list of all the uploaded video's will be available.

This weekend we have the guild-rush planned on Saturday and the Guild-challenge and Guild-bounty on Sunday. We already did the guild-trek last Sunday so we will not do that this weekend but we will do it next Saturday. We still have to look how we will plan the guild-missions once we unlocked the guild-puzzle. We will most likely move one of the missions to the Friday. If members want to do a guild-mission at any other time and they have a group for it then just let any of the leaders or officers know. If there are enough of the missions build they can activate one.

New officers, and guild-challenge around the corner

I would like to let you all know we have two new officers, Arcane Scoot and OrangeSquash. The main char of Arcane Scoot is Arcane Scoot (easy to remember) and the main char of OrangeSquash is Eir Njoror. They we have similar task as the guild-leaders so if you need anything just ask them.

For today we have multiple guild-missions plant. If we complete them all then we can start building the guild-challenge. After that only the guild-puzzle is left. Next weekend (maybe even Saturday) we are then able to do the guild-challenge.

This morning my business partner informed me that the server was showing a hard disk failure. For now everything is running like it should but if you get a message like that it usually means that the hard disk is going to fail in the coming weeks. We are already in progress of backing-up all data and will be looking for getting a totally new server to take over the task. If that all works out like it should the downtime should be under an hour. However setting up a new server will takes us about 2 weeks and will the current server fail within that time we might have a downtime of multiple days. I just wanted to let you know on forehand. So if the server would go down for multiple days you know the reason.

Saturday our first guild-rush?

This Saturday we plan on doing our first guild-rush. We need to speed up the building in order to be able to do is Saturday so we will only be able to do that is the cost are within the limits. We want to do it on Saturday because we can then spread out the guild-missions over the weekend and it would also mean we will get the merits for this week bringing the net guild-mission closer.

At this moment we have enough influence to unlock the next guild-mission (guild-challenge) but we also need 150 merits to unlock it. Completing the guild-missions will earn us those merits. If we would complete a guild-bounty tier 2, a guild rush and a guild-trek tier 3 we can earn 45 influence per week. (If we complete a guild-bounty tier 3 we would earn 50 influence per week) So it will take 3 to 4 for weeks to unlock the guild-challenge.

Once we have the guild-challenge unlocked we can earn another 30 merits per week and then need another 250 influence to unlock the guild-puzzle.

New goals

Last weekend we did our first tier 3 bounty and we did a tier 3 guild-trek. We completed them both! That really shows some skills. Sadly we still come 5 merits short to start building the guild-rush. We can easily earn them next weekend but we will also keep a look at the missions-score after the patch. With a little bid of luck the patch will reset the merits. If that is the case we will do a guild-trek the day of the patch and will plan another bounty-hunt for Saturday. However, for now we will only plan a Sunday missions-run.

Because we completed a tier 3 bounty-hunt we will now always do a tier 3 bounty-hunt on Sunday, if we would fail then that will result in a tier 2 bounty-run the next Saturday. As soon as we have unlocked guild-rush we will also start making new schedules to spread the guild-missions out over the weekend, Friday-evening, Saturday-evening and Sunday-evening. If people also like to do missions during the week we can also see if that is possible.

It is now going very good with the guild and that is mainly because of the fantastic player-base we have. Some players have also started to organize their own events what is exactly how we would like to see it. This weekend we had a “hide and seek” and a lottery organized by guild-members. Our member Draigh (Erasi Ercana) is going or organize weekly dungeon-runs and Myrkridius (Aenuia) is working on WvW events (Please check the forums if you are interested) and Paposeco (Sofia Shelterstone) is going to record video of guild-events. This is how we like to see it, a real community were we do things together.

All this however also means we need to expand our guild. Our goal was and is to have about 222 active players. With active mean mean people who are at lease once a months online / representing our guild. The evenings of Friday, Saturday and Sunday we want to have about 50 to 75 representing members online, other evenings about 40 to 50. At other times of the week-day's this number should be around 20. We want this to be able to also give every member what he wants. So it will always be possible to find a group for a dungeon, WvW or a guild-mission. At the same time we do not want to become a 500 man guild with always 200 representing members. We want to stay a community where people know each other. That is something you will not have in a the biggest guilds.

To be able to get this number of people we will have to double the number of active players and because of we will have a ask everybody to stare recruiting new members. If you came from a other guild that does not exist anymore and know some old members that are now guild-less you can invite them but also just try to recruit members by advertising in the map-chat. It will be our recruitment month, starting today and running till the end of April.

All this means that the current leaders will not be able to do everything by themselves. Devata (Oxherd) and Shaquinna (Evanny) have been running One since the pre-release of Guild-Wars 2. Now with the resent success and expansion of the guild we will need help. So that is why we are looking for 'officers'. Officers will have the same permissions as Generals but we will expect some more of them. They also get higher rights on the forum. Basically they get the same task as the leaders no have, so organize the weekly guild-mission, updating the topic, advertising it in the guild-chat, keep track of the player-base, keep track of the upgrades, do more recruiting and so on. Basically they keep the guild running, even if other officers / leaders are not online. On the forum we will make a topic about it where you can sign up if you are interested. Alder members do have a bigger change to be selected but we urge everybody who would like this task to sign up. In the future we most likely have more rounds where we look for new officers. Some guildmembers

We like Dulfy, Dulfy likes us

Saturday we did two guild-treks. The first we did not complete because of one hard location. We did see where to activate but we did not know how to get there. On the internet the information was also not available.

We then started a new trek and after completing that successfully we went searching for a way to get to that first locations we could not find. Eventually we did find it. Shaquinna / Evanny did then make instruction on how to get there and posted in on Dulfy to also help other guilds.

Dulfy has now used that information and mentioned One and contributers. So our efforts are now helping multiple guild. That is nice to know.

Maybe also a guild-Trek on Saturday!

This not sure yet but we might also be able to do a guild-trek Saturday. Doing this and not failing any of the missions this weekend would mean we could unlock the Guild-Rush mission one week sooner. Please let us know in the topic about the guild-missions for Sunday if you will also join Saturday.

This weekend a Bounty Mission and a Guild Trek

Last weekend was a huge success, next Sunday we will first do a Bounty Mission, Tier 2 and after that a Guild Trek, Tier 3. Make sure to let us know on the forum if you like to join. The guild-trek needs a little home-work so make sure to sign up in time.

Last week after the guild-mission we split up in groups doing dungeons and WvW. Because of it's success in the future we will do that after every guild-mission.

In the future we will also spread out guild-mission over the weekend but for now we will do them on Sunday.

This week Guild-bounty, WvW-Friday, organize your own event and let's make a movie

This week we have done 2 successful tier 2 guild-bounty's. It was a lot of work (and stressful) but we manage to successfully complete them. Complements to everybody helped. It's a really hard task and a lot of guilds fail trying to complete them.

Next week we will do another Tier 2 Bounty-hunt. Just like this week you can sign up on the forum in the topic I create for it and you get a target assigned. Please do this as soon as you know if you will be helping so it will not be a lot of last minute work. All the information you need is on the forum.

We (as guild and as server) are also doing good in WvW. We have had claims on The Garrison and and Stone Mist and at this moment we also still have a claim on Piken Square Valley. There are also more and more people in our guild interested in WvW so thats why we will introduce WvW-Friday. WvW-Friday is really more like WvW-Friday-night (depending on your timezone). The plan is that we as guild be active with a lot of people directly after the reset that happens at friday-night (+-1:00 CET+2). At that time there are a lot of things going on in WvW so it seems a nice moment to be active as a guild. The idea is to be there for at least two hours. If people like it then in the future we will organize more events for WvW.

Like you all know we as guild try to be a real community, doing things together in stead of having a few people dictate everything what to do and when to do it. This however also means that if you like to do some events (or mini-games) you should not just wait hoping that it will be organized but start organizing it yourself. There is a special topic on the forum for that but on this moment it has not been used yet. If you want to set up your event you are more then welcome. Make a post in that topic, advertise it in the guild-chat and do you need specific players for it that are not many of in the guild you can even invite new people to the guild. Do you need anything like specific rights on a topic in the forum or a guild-boost or guild-consumables we are more then welcome to help and assist!

We really hope more members will start organizing there own events so we really become more of a community! It's not just a guild it is a community.

On the guild-site to the right of your screen there is a video and at this moment it shows the Guild Wars 2 trailer. In the future we would like to be able to see more of our own video's in there. For that we are now looking if anybody liked to make a nice guild-movie. So somebody who likes working wit video's and has fun in setting up his own little video. That means you can write your own scrip and get guild-members to help. Just to give you an idea here are two video's people made with some other MMO: here and here. Of course you should come with some originals. There will be a topic on the forum about that so if you are interested in making the movie or helping with it let us know on the forum. Bounty

Guild Bounty


This weekend we do the bounty's again. Saturday we will try to do bounty tier 1, if we would fail we will do tier 2. We need the 25 merits for this week, we already have 15 so a tier 1 would do the job.

If we will not fail Saturday with tier 1 we have a tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 available for Sunday. In that case we will do Tier 1 first and immediate after that we will do tier 2.

Saturday we will work with one group to kill. For tier one that would work as we manage last Sunday. Sunday we will split the guild up in two groups trying to kill 2 bounty's at the same time. That is the only way we might be able to beat tier 2.

Saturday has priority because we need the merits so if we need to try again we might use the bounty's that we planned to use on Sunday. Saturday night the merits could resets and we can earn another 25 merits.

If you like do join the event, and we hope you do, please go to the forum and let us know. We will assign targets (bounty's) and make groups there.

Screen-shots of our previous bounty run can be found in the gallery.

Cleaning up

Hi there!

First of all I want to thank everyone who joined our first guild bounty, we did a great job and we had fun! (At least I had ;)) We hope more will follow soon.

Second, I'm currently working on our roster wich include mostly mailing people who do not represent our guild. Like many members we also noticed that we have 250+ members from which roughly 40 are actually active and contributing to the guild. Sadly Arenanet has not given us many options to keep track of players activeness. For example showing us when people last represented or for how long, or showing us when players last login. This makes it hard to define.

We also note that we have some players in the guild who have been with us from the beginning of the game and creation of our guild, who have not been online for quite some time. Some of them told us their reasons some of them haven't. But most of them we love to see return someday and we will wait for them a bit longer ;)

Due to the input of some of our members we created the 'probation' rank. New players will be placed here so we can give them some time to adjust and see what they're about. We will give them around 2 weeks to 'prove themselves' before giving them an official member status. Players who do not frequently represent us will also get a probation rank untill they reply to our mail. We will give them around 1 week to do so, after that another mail will be send giving them a total of 2 weeks to respond. This due to the mail bugs of some players having their mailbbox full at only 5 mails and might not know about it, and I personally think its a sufficient ammount of time to respond.

In conclusion there might be some guild leaving or kicking, please don't be alarmed. Most of them will be players who found their place in a different guild and have no contribution to ours whatsoever except taking up space ;) Besides that I'm also actively trying to recruit new members in the hope that we find active members to join our missions and adventures.Thank you for your understanding, feel free to post about this topic on the forum!

Guild Missions

It was about time we get a new message on the forum. I have not been posting any new messages because there really was nothing to post about. But now finally the moment is here we have all been waiting for, Guild Missions.

This weekend we will have our first event doing Guild Missions so make all sure you are there.

To unlock Guild Missions we need 30.000 influence and per tier 50.000 influence (and Merits, this is something you unlock doing the Guild Missions). There are 3 tiers bringing the total cost to 180 influence. Doing a mission cost an additional 200 influence. We already anticipated some upgrades that would cost influence and so have been saving influence. Our goal was to save up for 150.000 influence and at this moment we even have more as 180.000. That means that the influence will not be an excuse to not get up a tier. Lets try to get to tier 3 asap.

There are also two guild jumping puzzles that seem to be a lot of fun. Finally we have some new contact for nice guild-events. For more information have a look this site.

As a side-note. I am aware the forum has some bot on it. I will clean that up in the future but am also busy with other stuff so I did not yet get to that. Guild jumpingpuzzle

Wintersday jumping puzzle and Crucible of Eternity dungeon

This weekend we have two activities planned. We want the help each other doing the Wintersday jumping puzzle and we will do the Crucible of Eternity dungeon.

You might have mist the guild banners the last two weeks but this weekend we will once again put them up in LA on the same location as before. If we are able to. With Halloween we were not able to do that because when it gets crowded in LA the guild banners bug in LA. As guild-boost we will have the +10% magic find for this weekend, starting Friday evening. Wintersday 2012

More WvW

We are trying to get some more WvW in our guild. Most of us have at least One level 80 char and WvW is then a nice thing to do beside your normal PvE.

During the week we have already been pretty active in WvW and our flags have been waving above all major keeps and castles. With the guild we can claim One thing in every WvW map but because we want more of our flags everywhere we put influence (With donations of guild-members) in two alt guilds (SGC and PS) to create the same emblem for those guilds as we already have for One. So now we can claim 3 keeps, towers, camps, castles total per map having the same flag up at all those places.

With One we have now all upgrades done and have all consumables available so the influence we earn there is enough to keep things going. That’s why we like to ask if when you get a letter of Letter of Commendation (from the personal Story) and you would like to donate the influence if you would like to donate them for the two alt guilds. If we get those guilds ‘Art of War’ upgraded to level two (costs 1500 influence) we are able to start buying the + 5 supply boost for in WvW (200 influence per use) so the claims will give people getting supply 15 instead of 10 supply. If this is a success and we will get more influence than expected we can also try to get the banks on those guilds to have more bank space and some special for WvW.

Those alt guilds are not mend as really a guild next to One, they are more like a tool for One in WvW. We also want to get a WvW group for One. If you are interested let us know. We might make special ranks for that but we are still looking in to that. When recruiting new members we will also get more focus on WvW.

WvW and killing the chickens

For this weekend we have 2 events plans. One will be during the whole weekend. We want to have an active role in World vs World. Our focus will be The Garrison in Piken Square borderlands. We will try to claim it and defend it.

The other special event is about killing chickens. There are some very strong chickens and we will try to kill them. If, and I say if, we succeed we will then try to kill the rooster.

Dungeons, Fractals of the Mists and the Commander's Compendium

It has been a very busy weekend and I hope you all had fun. To start I would like inform you that our guild has now all guild-options unlocked and this weekend the last upgrade (that will not unlock any new options) will also be completed. We will now build all guild 'rewards' so when we want to do guild-events we can always access them without having to wait for another day. In addition we will also try to save up 150.000 influence so when in the future new upgrades will come available we can immediately start building them.

This weekend we will be doing the 'Honor of the Waves' dungeon and the ' Fractals of the Mists' dungeon to help people getting there monthly achievement.

Thanks to a very generous donation from Peregrine we now finally have the money to buy the Commander's Compendium. On the forum we will have a discussion about who should get it. With the Commander's Compendium we can finally also do some bigger WvW guild-events and it will also be very useful for a lot of PvE events. We will now also try to soon have more of these events to have more varied events. We will also start to have some more 'trial' WvW events and once we get that to a good level we will have a big WvW event together with another guild.

The site is also still being build on, soon I hope to have the members page online, I will make it so that some officers are then also able to update that information.

Now we are nearing the 222 members, we have all unlocks and we will have the Commander's Compendium we are really a mature guild. I hope that you all still have a lot of fun in the guild and if you have any comments or suggestions be sure to post them on the forum.

Whut? We are one of the biggest guilds on Piken Square

It has never been our goal to be one of the biggest guilds on Piken Square or on Guild Wars 2, we just planned to be a social friendly fun guild with +-222 members. Not much more then 222 because we want members to know each other but also not much less because we want to always have enough members online to be able to get groups together for events or dungeon-runs and so on.

The exact numbers of members yesterday was 209, today I updated the guild-information om and updated the members to 222 because we will reach that number very soon and I will not be updating the information on a daily base. Nearly all guilds have an account on that site.

Just out of curiosity I then filtered all guilds in Piken Square and ordered them on size and to my big surprise we ended on the second place! Just beneath the guild Hero. Now I must say that we are not really the second largest guild on Piken Square. Besides One I know two other big guilds on Piken Square, that is Hero and BOON. Searching for BOON I found out that they didn’t update there profile and are even said to be still on another server.

Still, a lot of (the bigger) guilds do update there information and with this information it is save to say that we are in the top 5 of biggest guilds on Piken Square. And yes, if I had said the number of members to 209 we would still be on the same position.

But it gets even better. I then didn’t filter on server and just ordered on size. We then end up on the bottom of the second page giving us place 194 (using 209 members we would end up 10 places lower). In total there are 68 pages of guilds.

It is not really our goal to get a higher position on this list, we rather have members knowing each other. But I thought it would be nice to share this information with you. Because we will now try to grow when we have 222 members, just try to make it 222 members we might eventually start dropping on this list.

Next weekend, The Lost Shores

Hopefully you all had a nice weekend. This weekend we became a 200+ guild and are now close to reach our goal of 222 members.

In the gallery you can find a few screen-shots from this weekend. If you like you can all make (guild-related) screen-shots for the gallery, just make sure that if you make them it's on a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and with all the graphics at the highest settings. This insures that all screen-shots will have the same look. On the forum there is now a sticky topic for you to upload screen-shots for the gallery.

I also added a lot of screen-shots from nice armor to the 'Pictures of cool and unique looks' topic. Have a look at it.

Now for next weekend. Next weekend The Lost Shores will be released. Because we do not know exactly what will happen we can not plan exact guild-events. However we do know there will be events introducing The Lost Shores and there will be a new dungeon.

With the information we have we plan the events for next weekend. We will be doing 'The Lost Shores'-related events and we will be doing the dungeon. Events may just pop up without knowing the exact time on forehand so when they do, just form a group with guild-members.

And don't forget to make some nice screen-shots. The Lost Shores

New guild events and Halloween screens

The screen-shots from Halloween and from the guild-event have been uploaded. Check them out in the Gallery. From the guild-event we do not have a lot of pictures because of the invisible people bug.

For this weekend we have once again some nice events planned. Saturday at 12:00 UTC+2 the Sorrow's Embrace dungeon-run will start. Doing dungeons is also part of the new monthly.

Sunday at 14:30 UTC+2 we will go to WvW helping to defend keeps, camps and towers.

Information about the November 15 patch

There are now some hints about the November 15 patch in Guild Wars 2. For more information check this link.

If you have any information yourself let us know on the forum.

Act 4 the party and events for the weekend

Today will act 4, the party, start. This will end Halloween. If you like complete all the Halloween achievements be aware that you will need to also be part of 'the party'.

This weekend we will do the Twilight Arbor-run as an event, we hope a lot of people will join in this guild-event.

As last I would like to bring to your attention that Guild Wars 2 has a big patch planned for November 15. There will be multiple smaller patches and events leading up to that date.

222 International members is the goal

You might have seen that the guild-message is updated telling that we will start filtering members. I will explain what our goals are and what the filtering is about.

The goal is to have around 200 active members. Because 222 looks nice and we can then always say we have more then 200 members, 222 will be the hard number to aim for.

We want this number of members to assure there will almost always be enough people online to get a party to do whatever you like, whether it's a party for WvW, a dungeon or a jumping puzzle. At the same time we also prefer that our members know each other. With 200 members we might already have to many members to achieve this completely. When going even higher almost nobody know anybody anymore. We don't want a guild where nobody knows anybody because that is not good for the community so it is not our goal to get as many members as possible. Aiming for around the 200 members seems a good compromise between making sure members know each other and having enough people online at any given time.

Having 222 members does however not mean much when that list consist of people who have totally stopped playing Guild Wars 2 or have permanent moved to another guild but never left our guild.

Because of that we will clean the list from members who have stopped playing or permanent joined another guild. We do not mind if people only play once a month or switch between our guild and another guild! We really aim to only remove those members who really stop playing Guild Wars 2 or do never represent our guild anymore.

The problem is that ArenaNet does not give us the tools to determine that so before members will be removed they will first get a mail from us. But still it might happen that we delete a member that just stopped playing Guild Wars 2 for one or two months and did not want to leave the guild. If that happens you can always ask for a new invite. Old members that where kicked out of the guild due to inactivity will always be allowed back in the guild!

For new members we are now also focusing on getting some more members from different time-zones like US, Australia and Canada players. This to ensure we have people online all the time, to benefit in WvW and to be a truly great international guild.

The article is also posted on the forum. You can use the forum to discuss or ask questions about it.

Halloween update!

ArenaNet has updated there Halloween site. Check it out!

Guild Wars 2 Halloween 2012

Here is some nice information about special Halloween items you can get. "All kinds of tricks and treats are coming to the Gem Store this Halloween. Costumes that grant spooky skills, tonics that transform you into ghouls and ghosts, creepy crawly minis to follow you around. And don’t forget to pick up your free devil horns before they disappear!

The Black Lion Chest is getting a spooky upgrade for Halloween. Between October 23 and November 5 each Black Lion Chest you open has a chance to give you one of six exclusive Halloween-themed weapon skins!"

New events and Halloween

Saturday 20 October explorable path 2 and 3 from Caudecus's Manor are planned. If there is enough time and people are interested in it then we will also start this weekend with the dungeon-run for Twilight Arbor.

Sunday 21 October we are planning do do some sPvP with the guild. This will be the first sPvP event from the guild.

The next weekend, so 27 and 28 October will be all about Halloween. If there is enough time we might also start with the guild dungeon-run for Sorrow's Embrace but first priority is helping all guild-members getting there Halloween achievements. Halloween in guild Wars 2

More events next weekend

It was a nice weekend with a lot to do. Multiple groups have done the AC dungion. The group following the order like described in the event; story, exp 1, exp 2, exp 3 did succeed in the first 3 paths but did not manage to end explorable path 3.

In the WvW event we where able to claim and build defenses for one keep, the Piken Square Garrison keep. After that most members left for the dungeon-run and normal PvE so there was not a lot of defending going on. In the evening the keep had been captured by another server.

We will get back to AC explorable path 3 but wait for that until we have more lvl 80 members. For Saturday a Caudecus's Manor run is planned. Same way as with AC, first the story and then, in order, the 3 explorable paths.

On Sunday we will try do do another WvW event. Sunday the most members are online and now we will not be planning it at the same time as the dungeon-run hoping to have more members in WvW.

Just like last weekend we will also be placing banners again in LA on Saturday and Sunday.

The events will start around 12:00 (UTC+01 / MET ) / 21:00 server time.

Getting the Commander's Compendium event

Now that the guild becomes larger the need for the Commander's Compendium also start to grow. Because of that we will soon have an lvl 80 (if you are not lvl 80 yet, still read on) event with as goal, getting the Commander's Compendium.

What we will do is work together to earn money, we then expect everybody to donate half of the money they got with the event to the guild-vault (50 slots). So when you participate in the event you are helping the guild and yourself.

We don’t have a precise date for the event planned yet but it will not be this weekend, maybe next weekend, maybe even the weekend after that. This also means there is plenty of time to get to lvl 80. But if the events is at least one week from now, why already announce it? Because we already need your help getting ready for the event.

When we are doing the event we will go to area that is suited for making money, beside that we will have a magic find guild boost and e magic find guild-banner to upper you loot. But then we are not yet done. We want to get as many people as possible is some nice magic-find outfits. And that’s why we now already need your help.

What we ask if that if you use your crafting skills to help getting everybody these nice outfits. If you like to donate related items to the guild bank that would also be great. Then please use the 50 slot vault if it is related to this event. People who would like to join we want to ask to gather the materials needed and ask skilled crafters to make the materials.

Here is what you need, be sure to verify that any of these items indeed give magic find bonus before buying or creating them! The Explorer’s lvl 80 armor set for your profession (Every armor item needs to have 3% magic find, not all Explorer’s sets have that). They can be created by crafters and also exists as rare and exotics. Weapons should be from the travelers set and a crafter needs create them using a ‘Superior Sigil of Luck’ (another Sigil of Luck would also work but the Superior would be preferred).

5 ‘Superior Rune of the Pirate’ or 'Superior Rune of the Noble' runes and 1 ‘Superior Rune of the Traveler’ should be added to the armor. As jewelry you should use the ‘Brilliant Opal Jewel’, ‘Opal Crystal’ or / and the ‘Ornate Opal Jewel’. The exotic ‘Exquisite Opal Jewel’ is even better if you can get that. Make sure that all the accessories you use give at least 3% magic find. The ‘Exquisite Opal Jewel’ can give 4%.

Also make sure you have the correct consumables. ‘Omnomberry Bar’, ‘Cup of Lotus Fries’ and ‘Omnomberry Tart’ give 30% magic find for 30 min. ‘Chocolate Raspberry Cream’ give 32% while under the effect of a boon and ‘Chocolate Omnomberry Cream’ gives 40% extra magic find while under the effect of a boon. In addition you can also get a ‘Magic Find Booster’ 50% extra magic find four an hour but you need to buy them for 150 gems. They do also drop so you might have some in our bank.

Then last thing you then still need is big bags, the bigger the better.

We all love Banners and Boosts

2 weeks ago we have set up banners in LA and we have got some positive feedback from that. Last week the function was bugged in LA so we could not set up any banners.

We are now going to use a more structured way to give boost to our members. Every day of the weekend (normally in the evening) we will place 5 banners in LA near the Asura portals. When we have done that we will announce it in the guild-chat and map-chat.

When you click on the banner you will get the boost for 30 minutes. Also people from other guilds can use this. There is a banner for more karma, more xp, more magic find and more gathering and the fifth banner gives a speed-boost for 20 seconds when you past by it. Why the boost banner you ask? Because it looks nice and only costs 50 influence points. It is also a bid of advertisement for the guild.

In addition to those banner we will use one guild-boost that gives a boost for 24 hour. This boost can variate every weekend, we will be looking at guild-events to decide what would be the most useful that weekend. To finish it all of wee also will use a 24 hour guild-influence boost to get some of the influence back that these boosts cost. The 24 hour boost will be activated during the Saturday evening. The total cost for one weekend is 1100 influence points. The other influence will be used to upgrade guild-options. All the upcoming upgrades cost 10.000 or 20.000 influence per upgrade.

WvW and Dungion run. Time for some new guild-events

It's getting time for some new guild-events. The last official one was 1 month ago, in the meantime we have been working on up-grating guild functions and gathering account-names and char-names. We are also working on a structured system to give all members some nice boosts during the weekend. More about that in the next article.

I would like to make clear that in the future we wanna do official guild-events more often, at least once a week. However, for now the priority is on getting a nice group of people and up-grating all the guild-functions.

In the last weeks we have had some guild-events just organized by members or by leaders asking in the guild-chat to do dungions, WvW and so on. That’s also how we like to see it but a lot of members would also like to see a more structured (official) way for guild-events. For those members we now have two events planned. Of-course it all depends on how many people would like to join.

The exact times will be announced in the guild-chat and updated here after we have had input about that from the members.

We are planning to Saturday do a dungion run in Ascalonian Catacombs (AC). The dungion run means we will first do the story mode, then the explorable mode 1, mode 2 and then mode 3. Depending on the success and feedback from that run we might go for a second similar run on Sunday, then in Caudecus's Manor (CM). The required level for AC is 30 and for CM is 40.

The idea is to get 5, 10 or 15 people for every run. Any part can take up to two hours (depending on the used tactics), so doing a complete run can take up to 6 hours. For members it is also possible to only join with the story mode or only join with explorable mode 1 and so on, depending on the number of people we have. If we can't make groups of 5, people who do the full run always go first.

The other event we are planning to do is WvW. What we want to do it try and get a big group of people to capture a keep in WvW, preferably the big east keep in Piken Square borderlands and then defend it the whole weekend. The idea is to capture it before the dungion run begins so we have more people to achieve that goal. Once we have the keep the idea is that the two supply-camps that deliver supply to that keep will also be captured and the group will help setting up some defensive siege weapons. After that the people who would like to do something else (like the dungion run) can then leave WvW. The group that stays behind has as task to try and defend the keep and (second objective) the two supply-camps.

To be able to defend the keep it is important that there is always a group people in WvW. At least 5, preferably up to 15. It would then also be nice if the group in WvW would update the guild, using guild-chat and TeamSpeak, about whats happening in WvW. To have guild-members during the whole weekend it is important to communicate with each other when they have dinner, go to sleep and so on. There is no required level for WvW.

For both events the use of TeamSpeak would be very useful and we would like to ask everybody to install it and use it, however we do not oblige it! People who don't have a mic can still use TeamSpeak to hear what other people are telling. The article from 29 August 2012 20:48 tells you how to install TeamSpeak.

Please let the leaders know if you want to join with any of these events.

Update: We have some times for you. Saturday around 11:00 (UTC+01 / MET ) / 20:00 server time we will start. We hope to get as many people as possible in helping us capturing a keep. Then around 12:00 the dungion run starts.

Gallery online and saving money for a Commander's Compendium

Most of the guild-bugs seem to be resolved and the guild really starts to takes form. Thanks to a great group of nice people all doing there part.

By now some members have reached 80 and start doing more PvP so we will try to also get some more focus on that part because until now most focus went to PvE.

The gallery is also online and new screen-shots can be expected regular, be sure to check it out.

As a site-note I would once more ask people to consider using Team Speak. It is not required but can be very helpful in PvE and is almost a must in WvW / PvP.

Now with our guild getting a bit bigger we also get need for more money, because of that we are looking for somebody who really like to work the economy. The person who also plays economy-games online, having spreadsheets open the hole day. If you think that’s a role for you please whisper one of the leaders in-game about it. The idea is that members will give items the economy-guy can use to make profit for the guild.

We also set as goal to get the Commander's Compendium, this gives a character the option to become a squat-leader, making group (for now) up to 30 people. The Commander's Compendium will cost 100 gold so we want to ask to donate to the guild-bank so we can get the Commander's Compendium. Donating is not required. It's all up to you if you like to donate, the amount you would donate is also up to you but just to give an idea, if every active member would give 2 gold we have the Commander's Compendium.

Except for the Commander's Compendium(s), money the guild gets from it's members or we make as guild will be used to buy 'prices' to give away in guild-events and in WvW it will be used to upgrade keeps we own. We will not buy siege-weapons with the money, for that we have better methods. There will come a post about that in the private part of the forums.

This weekend we will put a +5% karma-banner near the portals. You can then get a buff at the banner. We plan on placing useful guild banners more often at that location.

In the guild-chat we will inform you when a banner is placed.

“You are not in a guild” workaround

If you get the message “You are not in a guild” when typing in guild-chat there is a little workaround. First make sure if you are representing our guild (some people also have the problem they can not represent us, this is a problem ArenaNet has to fix, you can ask me to re-invite you that sometimes work). When you are sure you are representing us go to local chat and say something. “/say Hi guys” so you are not in guild-chat anymore. Now close Guild Wars 2 (Completely) and restart it again. Once logged it you should still be in local chat. Now do nothing guild-related for about 5 min. So don't go to guild-chat and don't go to the guild menu (G). If people are using Guild-chat you will know that it worked once you see guild-chat messages if they are not just try to use guild-chat after about 5 min.

The other workaround is of course to use TeamSpeak.

I hope this will help you out.

Guildies page

Later this week I am going to make the guildies page. Can you guys please main Oxherd ingame you account-name and the char names, starting with your main char and so on.

Guild-bank and first real guild-event

We finally have the guild-bank, for now it only has 50 slots and upgrading will cost a lot of experience points. Currently we are building an extra building shop so in the future we can build to thing at once. This will take two days to build.

The next thing we will focus on is the guild emblem.

This evening will do our first real guild-event. We are gonna do Ascalonian Catacombs, if your chars are nearing lvl 30 please try to get them to 30 before the event starts. Exact times will be announced ingame in the guild-chat so if you wanna join make sure you represent us.

We will do Ascalonian Catacombs 13 August at 14:00 server time. To see the server time go to you options, below “User Interface” is an option “In-Game Clock” there you can pick “Server Time”.

I would also wanna ask to use TeamSpeak, some members prefer other software and we will look into that but for now we have TeamSpeak and because of the Guild-chat problems we really need an alternative communication method.

How to represent our guild

In GuildWars 2 you can be a member of multiple guild but only represent one guild at a time. You only see the guild-chat of the guild you are representing and you are also only earning influence for the guild you are representing.

If you like to help us and / or see our guild-chat press ‘g’ to get in the guild menu. On the left side click on “The Only One [One]” to select our guild and then in the bottom of your screen press “Represent”.

Be aware, you will have to manually represent our guild for every character (if you like). Joining a guild is account-bound but representing a guild is character-bound.

Most smaller guild-events and additional information will be announced in the guild-chat so when you are not representing our guild you might miss out on them.

We hope and would appreciate it if you will represent our guild whenever you can, it will get the guild influence that we can use to build the guild bank, upgrade to more slots, get bonus-points for members, get weapons in WvW and so on. How to represent our guild

Thank you all

Thank you all, thanks to all your hard work we have enough influence to get a guild-bank. We are now building it, by Sunday evening we should have it.

We also have enough influence for a banner but because of the build time it will take a little longer before we have that, the guild-bank has priority.

Guild-chat down, use teamspeak 3 if possible

There is a problem with guild-chat because of that we can not coordinate anything, please use TeamSpeak 3. You can download it for free from there site.

For server address use, you can whisper an officer ingame to get the password for the private guild-chat.

Guild house and first guild-events

Great news, we where able to claim our guild-house. we also have already 3 events planned, two jumping puzzles (one real jumping puzzle, one set up by the guild) and visiting the guild-house. However, first we must get more members, if you have friends who would like to join let them whisper one of the officers.

See you ingame!

Working hard on the site

Under construction The site is still under construction. Most pages don't work yet, please bare with us.

If you want to contact us to join the guild please use the temporary email-address .

Video spotlight!

Video spotlight. Om deze video te bekijken dient u te beschikken over de adobe flasplayer. U kunt de laatste versie hier gratis downloaden.
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